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What is Photopea?

a Free online resource people might not know about that can save them time/money/frustration

An Advanced Image Editor

A parcel copy from the introduction of Photopea : You can read the Photopea introduction from their site here.

Modern photo editors (GNU Gimp, Adobe Photoshop, Zoner Photo Studio) are usually native apps, which have to be downloaded and installed on the device. It takes pretty long time to turn them on and off. It may bother you, e.g. when you just want to resize a photo. Adobe Photoshop, which is very often used by many professionals, is also quite expensive.

Because photo editors are native apps, it is hard to find any good editor for some minority operating systems. Some users may even buy some specific operating system just to be able to run the photo editor. Photo Pea should remove all these problems.

Main features of Photo Pea

Photo Pea should be an advanced editor, so it can be used by professionals. It must have:

  • Layers – to split images into several parts
  • Layer masks – just generally useful
  • Blend modes – specifying, how layers “combine” with each other
  • Brush – there must be a way to change the color of pixels
  • Selections – choosing, which pixels of layer you want to edit
  • Procedural adjustments – changing brightness, hue, saturation, convolutions (blur, sharpening …) etc.

BTW #IMaHero

This is a free link. I or anyone on this site does not gain a commission for referring this to you. Hopefully it will save you from purchasing an expensive photo editor. It does as much as the ones you pay two to three hundred dollars.

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Here is the link to Photopea again

Wishing you a wonderful successful Day

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