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Driving REAL traffic to your offers

Here’s the Ugly Truth

52% of all web traffic is FAKE i.e. it is generated using bots.

Experts warn that uneven traffic, abnormally low time spent on a page, the bounce rates, the origin of the traffic, and unknown referrals are some of the most common indicators of bot generated traffic.

Fake Traffic Is A Much Bigger
Problem Than You Think!

Good Bots Include: Bots like search 
engine bots (6.6%) and monitoring bots are fine

Bad Bots Are Trouble: If 28.9% of clicks on your site 
are fake it screws everything up for you

*Source Incapsula Traffic Bot Study 2018

They Can Damage SEO & Web Reputation

When a click arrives on your site and then leaves immediately is recorded by search engines as either a bot, or … they see it as your content not being worthy enough of the visitor sticking around. Since advertising networks consider fake views as a form of fraud, you might end up with a penalized website.

If the trend repeats, advertising networks could even blacklist or remove your website.


From: The Desk of Traffic Ivy Creator, Cindy Donovan 

To: Everyone involved in Online Business 
Re: Driving REAL traffic to your offers that you can track all the way!

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Do You Want to Watch Me? Then Click Me

‘Mutual’ Is A Very Powerful Word 

Mutual’ is the most powerful word…all we had to do was build a system where Marketers could help each other and there was Mutual Benefit.

So, that’s what we set out to create…the age-old system of:

‘You Scratch My Back…And I Scratch Yours’ – only a more sophisticated version of that

A community where marketers and business owners help each grow by driving high-quality traffic to each other’s offers and content.

And that led us to create: (with special thanks to avocado’s, green puppet frogs and yes, even Kim Jong-un I guess)…


Post Your Content Directly On To Our Massive Network Of Blogs & Social Media Sites (Get real links to see your shares!)

(Optional) Get Even More Traffic By Sharing Other Members Content On Your Blogs Or Social Media Platforms Too!

Read just one person speaking for thousands who is getting traffic. Not spam and bot traffic but people who really wants to buy what you have..

Alberto Santos Rocha

It was easy to implement, it took me few minutes to set it up with my social networks where I was able to see everything happening in real time, including the marketplace with real Traffic that converts.

I’ve been using it to promote my products because it is ready when I am and easy to follow.

Let’s just say it’s is a winning product that simplifies all the things I was doing before. So thank you Cindy and to of all your support team, I love you guys because you are helping me see real results in my online business, getting everything set up the right way.

100% Recommended


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David Rhodes

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